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Manson Parks Department welcomes new commissioners, applauds outgoing

Reviews fees, payroll and levy


MANSON – Oaths were sworn for the Parks and Recreation department during the special board meeting Tuesday, Dec. 19 at the Parks office. Taylor Quigley and Ross Young are the two newly elected Manson Park and Recreation’s commissioners effectively the start of the new year.
The parks board also covered the budget for 2018. Included in the budget was an increase in marina and camping site fee increases. Currently, the cost for a non-powered slip through the parks is $13, which will slightly increase to $15, and the powered slip cost will remain the same rate of $20. Wapato Lake Campground camp site fees have increased as well, with the new rates of $25 for a tent site, $30 for a 30 AMP camper site and $35 for a 50 AMP camper site, “there’s some pretty big budget items in that place that need work and need paid for,” explained Board Chairman Rob Campbell regarding the slight increases visitors will see in the upcoming months. Parks staff will also be seeing a bump in pay with the new budget. In an effort to keep ahead of the increasing minimum wage, employees’ wages will increase a small percentage, with the exception of one staff member, who has been promoted to a foreman position which provides a pay increase from the promotion as well.
Looking ahead into the year 2019, Manson Parks is discussing the presentation of a levy on the April or November ballot. The placement of the levy will be discussed further in their January meeting agenda.
Manson Parks Director Robin Pittman concluded the night’s agenda with a report on recent activity within the office. One particularly noteworthy event was the placement of a fluidity unit placed by Lake Chelan Research Institute’s Phil Long. The Research Institute received two of the fluidity units, which will effectively take samples for e-coli in the water via electronic prompting. “They can text the little robot and say, ‘take a sample’, it takes a sample, grows its little test tube full of water – it’s its own little lab.” The cost of each unit was stated around $14,000, which was funded by the Washington State Parks, “there’s definitely some backing and support for it,” Pittman expressed, “I think they’re right in line with our efforts (too), it’s a good collaboration of the groups.
Other items mentioned at the special meeting included a survey to be distributed to Manson addresses, requesting opinion on the upcoming waterfront project, and the permission for use of the day use dock for a local company offering jet boat rides to pick up and drop off passengers with the exception that no financial transactions or signage takes place on the park’s property.
Before adjourning the meeting, the parks commissioners and staff acknowledged the outgoing commissioner, Marylene Rios, for her time served and dedication to the board, “four years,” Campbell said, “thank you for doing it, we will miss you.”
The next Manson Parks and Recreation meeting will be held Thursday, Jan. 11 at 4:10 p.m. in the Parks Office.

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