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Manson Parks talks levy tax, policies


MANSON – Parks and Recreation staff and commissioners gathered, Thursday, Jan. 11 at the Parks and Recreation office for their regular monthly board meeting. With a full quorum and agenda, the board covered a multitude of topics in preparation for the 2018 season.
The Manson Bay Revitalization Project was briefly discussed, as one portion of the project’s boundaries are uncertain at the moment. The dog park, also referred to as the ‘old swimming hole’, boundary lines are unclear as to where the property line ends, and the closest private property begins. This, said Parks Director Robin Pittman, is one of the few things that will need to be reviewed further prior to moving into the next stage of the Revitalization Project. The dog park was also perceived to be owned by the Lake Chelan Reclamation District, however, after further research, the park is owned by Chelan County PUD and has been leased out to the Reclamation District with Manson Parks maintaining the property. Why worry about ownership specifics though? With the funding options available for the upcoming waterfront project, certain criteria need to be met for various funding sources. In a prior meeting with Pacific Engineering, who the Parks board have hired to aid in the development of the project, it was explained that one of the funding options for the project, Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) grants, cannot be used on mitigated land, which the dog park is such a land.
A levy tax increase beginning in 2019 was another subject during the commissioner’s meeting that was discussed in depth. The previous levy tax increase took place in the year 2015, at a rate of 23 cents per $1,000. The funds from the levy tax are used to help maintain the parks’ functionality, maintenance and aesthetics, along with any other issues that may come up along the way. The last couple of years have remained at the same rate of 23 cents per $1,000, explained Commissioner Rob Campbell. This rate will remain for the next levy election as well, for a three-year period, which should appear on the April ballots.
With spring time right around the corner, youth sports sponsorship policies were discussed. With the valley’s abundant winery supply, the commissioners and staff were faced with a decision as to how to allow local sponsorship without the promotion of alcohol. The policy discussed will ban sponsorship by illicit drugs, alcohol and firearms, and will be selective on the terminology, logos and pictures displayed on youth sport jerseys. Agricultural businesses that may transfer into an alcohol industry, such as vineyards into wineries, may opt to emphasize on the vineyard as opposed to the winery aspect of the business, promoting the agriculture versus the alcohol. For inquiries or for further details on the policies on sponsorship, contact the Manson Parks office 687-9635.
In new business, policies were added and eliminated for Wapato Lake Campground. A new policy for beginning the 2018 season will limit the number of people, tents and cars at each camp site. With the previously policy, it was found that the sites were becoming overly crowded with people and vehicles, and causing a disruption in what should be a peaceful camping experience. “Some of these changes will probably affect revenue,” explained Campbell, “but will increase quality.” A visitation policy was also removed from the policies. Previously, visitors were not allowed at the campground during Labor Day weekend, however, beginning this season, that policy will no longer be in place.
Manson Parks and Recreation board meets every second Thursday of the month, beginning at 4:10 p.m. at the Parks office at 142 Pedoi St.

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