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 CHELAN - The No Sweat Tennis Tournament, a summer fundraiser sponsored by Lake Chelan Community Hospital Guild Y, is drawing to a close. Lucille Hedrich is the lucky champion of the Court Jesters League for senior citizens. Fortunately there were no injuries during tournament play.
 In the Racq Pacq mixed doubles division, the Cindy Marcear/Lorraine Goulet team will face Ron Hart/Pat Kelly on Monday August 7 for the championship match. This could be a barn-burner!
 In the Big Hitters League for teens between 13 and 19 years of age, Cara Quale won her last match and is the undisputed champion. Her sponsors are very proud of her.
 In the Tennis the Menace League for children age 12 and below, Jocelyn Grefsrud challenged Dahlia Soderstrom in their Aug. 7 tennis match. Stay tuned.
In the Men’s League of the tournament, Sean Clouse will compete with Jacob Burbery for the One Hit Wonders championship of athletes age 20 to 39. In the One Stroke division for ages 40 to 59, Dave Clouse will meet the winner of the Kevin Abel vs. Doug McKinnon match to be held Monday Aug. 7.  In the championship match of the Get A Grip division for ages 60 to 79, Steve Maloof will face the winner of the Aug. 7 contest between Al Marcear and Ron Hart. These matches will probably be as hot as the weather has been.
 The Women’s League has had several very close tennis matches. In the Bio Freeze division for younger players, Clarissa Stenhouse Steinman challenged Amber Corrigan for the championship trophy on Aug. 7. For older competitors in the Arthritic Angels division, the winner of the Julianne Quale vs. Kristen Toth Aug. 7 contest will meet Lana White. The Tennis Elbows division for more experienced female athletes will see semi-finalist Arlene Abbott playing the winner of the Linda Mayer vs. Karen McKellar contest. Everyone is anxious to learn who will win the trophy.
 The entry fee for this tournament was $10 and players from Wisconsin to California and various other areas were entered into competitive play. Match winners have been determined by a coin toss, which supports the “no sweat” moniker of this 2017 summer fundraiser.
 Results are posted at the Historic Downtown Chelan Association office in the former Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce building at the stoplight corner near Safeway in downtown Chelan.

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