Thursday, February 22, 2024



CHELAN - Hospital Guild Y’s summer fundraiser, the No Sweat Tennis Tournament, was an exciting, successful event. The funds raised will be used to support Lake Chelan Community Hospital which is the main focus of the Guild.
 The children’s Tennis the Menace League was won by Dahlia Soderstrom, 6 – 0, 6 – 0. The Big Hitters League for teenagers was won by Cara Quale who narrowly defeated heavy-hitter Lucas Gleasman.
 In the women’s league, the Bio-Freeze Division for young women was won by Clarissa Stenhouse Steinman. The Arthritic Angels Division was won by a surprised Lana White, and Arlene Abbott narrowly defeated Karen McKellar to become the champion of the Tennis Elbows Division for more experienced players.
 Sean Clouse was the champion of the One Hit Wonders Division for ages 20 to 39 in the men’s league. Kevin Abel won first place in the One Stroke Division for ages 40 to 59, in a very close match with Dave Clouse. The match between Al Marcear and Steve Maloof was a close one, but Steve Maloof prevailed and won the trophy in the Get A Grip Division for mature male players.
 In the Racq Pacq League for mixed doubles, 16 teams entered competition. Ron Hart and Pat Kelly had to hit some strong returns to win the match against Cindy Marcear and Lorraine Goulet who are fierce at the net.
 In the Court Jesters League for senior citizens, left-handed Jane Lloyd is well known for her ability to just keep returning the ball no matter what. However, Lucille Hedrich followed Jane’s lead and did the same, winning the coveted championship.
 Congratulations to all the tennis players who never had to break a sweat, but won their matches with a two out of three coin toss—an easier way to compete on a hot summer day.


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