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OUR VIEW: Report unveils local journalism's crisis and rays of hope


In the annals of our nation's media, the year 2023 has unveiled a complex tapestry, woven with threads of promise and threads of despair for local journalism. Recent revelations from the Medill Local News Initiative at Northwestern University delineate a stark reality: while glimmers of hope emerge with philanthropic pledges and innovative models, the fabric of local news outlets continues to fray, imperiling our communities' cohesion and democratic ethos.

Amidst the shadows, rays of hope shone through in the form of substantial philanthropic commitments—vital pledges totaling $500 million. Simultaneously, governmental considerations to bridge digital divides and fortify journalistic integrity provided a beacon of optimism. Notably, select news outlets showcased promising business models, hinting at potential resurgence in beleaguered regions.

However, this ray of hope was eclipsed by an unremitting decline in the number of local news sources. The disconcerting projection anticipates the loss of a third of the country's newspapers since 2005 by the year's end, as the expansion of alternative local news entities trails the vanishing traditional sources.

Communities bereft of a local newspaper typically grapple with economic deprivation and a lack of high-speed broadband, further isolating them from reliable information sources. This stark divide exacerbates existing societal fissures, exacerbating political polarization, civic apathy, and the proliferation of online misinformation.

The 2023 report on The State of Local News, meticulously curated by the Medill Local News Initiative, outlines the disparities engulfing our nation. Shockingly, more than half of U.S. counties lack or possess limited access to credible local news sources—be it print, digital, or broadcast. The dire statistics include 204 counties devoid of any local news outlet and 1,562 counties dependent on a solitary remaining source, with 228 on the precipice of losing this lifeline.

The decline in newspapers, at a rate surpassing two per week since 2005, has obliterated nearly 2,900 newspapers and two-thirds of newspaper journalists—43,000 positions—during the same period. This decay, particularly in metropolitan areas, compounds the crisis, leaving large swaths of residents stranded without access to essential community news.

Alternative local news entities—comprising digital start-ups, ethnic media, and public broadcasting—while promising, confront their unique business hurdles—the struggle to attain sustainability plagues many, with advertising revenue decline imperiling their survival. The dearth of reliable internet access, especially in non-urban areas, compounds the challenges faced by digital ventures.

In this backdrop, the indispensable role of local journalism in fostering informed communities and resilient democracies looms large. It underscores the pressing need for collective action from policymakers, philanthropists, industry leaders, and community members invested in fortifying our local news ecosystem.

The Medill Local News Initiative's comprehensive report, complemented by interactive maps revealing the intricate local news landscapes across states, serves as a clarion call. It highlights the pivotal role of local journalism, invoking a sense of responsibility within us all to safeguard this cornerstone of our societal fabric.

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-Terry Ward

-Amy Yaley


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