Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Rick Rogers debuts new suite of paintings at Main Street Gallery/Sigillo Cellars


CHELAN - Splashes of color, vivid paint, and inspired compositions. These exciting elements are readily apparent in the new paintings now showing at Sigillo Cellars in conjunction with Chelan’s Main Street Gallery.
“The opening night guests were simply awestruck by Rick’s statement canvases that include abstract, non-objective presentations,” said Lacy Boosinger, co-owner of Main Street Gallery. “They are powerful and exploding with color and motion.”
Rick Rogers and his partner Donna, who is also is a local artist in Chelan, are pleased to live in the up-and-coming art scene of the valley. Rick grew up in Seattle and found his calling in art in the 1970s after an eye-opening trip to Europe that sparked his inspiration as a creator. In 1979, Rogers moved to New York City to study his new-found passion and eventually found himself studying, drawing and painting in Boston.
Beginning his career as a figurative illustrator, he transitioned his personal direction to incorporate the human form and creating stunning, abstract paintings. Rick found additional inspiration in the aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, which acknowledges “the acceptance of the transients of life and that all things are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.”
Upon viewing Roger’s work, one can quickly understand how the Japanese influenced him, with artworks bursting with movement and unending direction. This extends to his colorful assemblages of everyday and unique objects that are also on display at Sigillo Cellars.
“Art has become fundamental to (my) existence. It is how (I) navigate through life…”, Rogers explained. His focus also includes working with Chelan Valley Hope plus other local activities that make a difference in the community.
“I have been inspired by Northwest painter, muralist and philosopher Kenneth Callahan who wrote: ‘I think there is a big rhythm that flows through everything — in the wind, the sea, the dunes and the mountains. The important thing is that you are a part of this big, universal rhythm,’” Rick explained.
The May art show is currently on display and will continue into June during tasting room hours. Sigillo Cellars is open six days per week. Located at 2037 W. Woodin Ave., Chelan. Telephone 509-888-5713 or 509-682-3151 for more information.


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