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Seven Acres Foundation board names Maribel Cruz executive director for Lake Chelan Community Center


CHELAN – Seven Acres Foundation President Ty Witt announced this week that Maribel Cruz has been promoted to serve as the first-ever Executive Director for the Lake Chelan Community Center. "We are excited to welcome Maribel Cruz as our Executive Director," said Witt. “She has played an essential role in our development as Director of Operations for the past year-and-a-half. The first-hand knowledge Maribel gained while wearing many hats on critical committees has prepared her well for all that's ahead of us." Cruz will report to Witt and oversee board-appointed committees in preparation for the opening.

Meet our new Executive Director, Maribel Cruz

Professional background

After receiving her bachelor's degree in Business Management, Maribel worked for a Seattle-based corporate event planning company and had the opportunity to travel significantly. This gave her lots of experiences in new places and with various cultures. She married her high school sweetheart, Chris, in 2004 and decided traveling would be more challenging, leading her to a career as a civil servant for the City of Seattle.

What brought Maribel to Lake Chelan

Having visited the Lake Chelan Valley for many years, Maribel moved to Manson in June 2021 with her husband, two children, and two rescue dogs. Attracted by the small-town feel and strong sense of community, Maribel and her husband knew the Lake Chelan Valley was a great fit.

“We enjoy knowing our neighbors, checking in on one another, visiting and supporting our small businesses, and being part of schools that value each person for who they are,” says Maribel. It’s important to her that people feel seen and are seen. She believes deeply in the value of relationships and helps ensure a safe place for people to live, work, learn, and play.

What drew Maribel to The Lake Chelan Community Center

"Innate in me is a desire to help those that have been overlooked, possibly forgotten, or simply just underrepresented," says Maribel. "As a Latina and Mexican American, I understand how difficult that duality can be. Our area is isolated from major metropolitan hubs, and our local community lacks basic facilities often taken for granted in larger urban centers."

Cruz observed that with nonprofits and social service organizations spread across the region, it's difficult for families needing multiple resources to access support conveniently. The Community Center will change that. It will serve as a bridge or a hub for the community that lives, works, and contributes to this area daily.

What excites Maribel most about the executive director role

"I'm honored to be entrusted with the opportunity, which will allow me to make a greater impact on how The Lake Chelan Community Center will function for years to come, " said Cruz. Zeroing in on just one thing that excites me would be nearly impossible. There is so much to look forward to. From fitness and recreation to meetings and gatherings to the opportunities for expanded events and a safe place to connect with friends, The Community Center will be very special."

“I’m extremely grateful for the timing,” says Maribel. “I have learned so much over the last 18 months about the project, the pioneering ideas that got us to where we are today, and I am excited to bring this project home for our community.”

Open communication will be a key

Maribel is a huge proponent of transparency when it comes to communication. "If you have a question, please contact me," she says. "This project is enormous, and as much as we want to be proactive, there are simply more things to say, do, and share than hours in the day."

Emphasizing that silence should not be confused with absence, Maribel says, “I’m here and available. Nothing brings me more pleasure in my daily activities than sharing what is happening and what we envision for The Community Center!" Cruz can be reached by email at

About Seven Acres Foundation 

The Seven Acres Foundation – a 501c3 nonprofit organization – was founded in 2018 by a group of Chelan area residents committed to meeting community needs in real and tangible ways. The organization is to be a hub that connects people, resources, and activities to enhance the quality of life in the Lake Chelan Valley.

About The Lake Chelan Community Center

The Lake Chelan Community Center will be a safe and accessible space, bringing people of all ages and demographics together to build relationships, promote wellness, and serve our community. Our CORE Values of Connection, Opportunity, Relationships, and Empowerment inspire and drive us.

Lake Chelan Community Center – a 48,000 square foot facility - will be a safe and accessible space bringing people together to build relationships, promote wellness, and serve the Chelan Valley communities.


For more information: Maribel Cruz, Executive Director,, (425) 583-6870


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