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Two CHS grads save classmate on grad night


CHELAN - Chelan High School seniors celebrated the end of their high school career with a Grad Party on June 7, which quickly turned bittersweet.

At around 3 a.m. “we were going down the water slide and Euan was lying there face down in the water,” described Quinn Stamps. Stamps’ classmate Skyler Gordon quickly lifted him up, “he thought he was just messing around and when he picked him up he was shaking,” said Stamps. Both Gordon and Stamps proceeded to swim over to the edge of the pool, where a life guard was there to assist.

Stamps mentioned that he and his classmates knew that Euan had an epilepsy problem and they had to get him out the water. Euan had been in the water for five seconds. “Once we got him out of the water, he was lying on the floor. The paramedics came and a bunch of parents came,” Stamps recalls.

On Grad Night, Euan suffered from a grand mal seizure. In an email provided by Lake Chelan School District, Bev Cady, Euan’s aunt, she stated that her nephew has “struggled with epilepsy since childhood.They have tried many things including an implant near his brain to lessen seizure activity with limited success,” Cady stated in her email.

Ever since the incident happened Stamps has been in touch with Euan. In a text from Euan to Stamps, he thanked both classmates. “You guys did good, thanks for stepping up and helping out.”

Cady mentioned that thanks to Stamps’ and Gordon’s quick response Euan didn’t suffer serious injury. She concluded her email by stating, “we are so lucky to have so many heroes in our town!

Thank you Quinn and Skyler.”

Stamps said that regardless of the incident with Euan, the Class of 2019 still had a fun Grad Night.


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