Sunday, July 21, 2024
Letter to the Editor

Vote yes to fill the gap in school funding


As chairman of the Enhancing Education Chelan Committee, I am asking all voters in the special election coming up on Feb. 13 to support the important Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) and Capital Technology levies. Proposition #1 and #2 provide the important operational funds plus extras the Lake Chelan School District needs. 

These essential ballot measures will support every student in the district, providing K-12 support beyond what the state provides. From day-to-day operations, programs and services, technology, and crucial staff, this amount is approximately 23 percent of the district's total budget.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal stated, "Kindergartners now arrive less ready for school than before the Covid-19 pandemic." They have weaker math and reading skills, according to new data. So, it's more important than ever that these levies pass.

From early childhood education to counseling and mental health services, art and music programs, to safety and security, plus a school resource officer, we need your support to fund every student in the Lake Chelan school system. The current job market for our graduates requires more knowledge and technical skills than ever before. Therefore, every student needs a hand up – with better skills for a bright future and a successful life. 

With a focus on being responsible, these two measures are actually less than the expiring levy. In addition, Lake Chelan School District already has the lowest tax rate around. The replacement levies are designed to meet the academic programs and operations, plus upgrade safety and security measures in all four schools.

I have seen the actual proof that Proposition #1 and #2 are necessary. Trust me, it is vital that the school measures are successful. Vote yes to fill the gap in school funding.

Terry J. LaBrue, APR



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