Thursday, February 22, 2024

Why America needs to keep the Electoral College


Our Founding Fathers weren’t just a bunch of older White men who got together at some tavern and invented a set of rules for the future of a country. They were perhaps the most insightful group of men ever gathered in one place at one time.

The Electoral College is a perfect example. While many on the left decry the “antiquated” system of choosing a president, the truth is the actual reason for that system is to give equality to rural citizens and not just allow the tyranny of majority urban voters to dominate the country.

When Donald Trump won the presidency, he did so because of the Electoral College, losing the so-called “popular vote” to Hillary Clinton by several million ballots.

That seeming oxymoron is exactly why the great wigged elders back in the 1700s decided that popular vote alone would be unfair to all those Americans living in small towns, on farms and ranches across this nation.

Do Americans really want the densely populated cities to always control who gets elected? If that’s the case in your mind, then feel free to sign up for my free “self-lobotomy” newsletter.

Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, Detroit, Cleveland, Phoenix, ad infinitum, would be the only places nationwide candidates would ever hold campaign rallies.

No other voters need apply. The entirety of rural America would become marginalized. Every single national election would be in the hands of the urban voters.

That is what our representative Democracy would look like if there were no Electoral College. I didn’t hear any griping about the “unfairness” of the Electoral College when Barack Obama won two elections, but all heck broke loose when Donald Trump won.

It wasn’t just sour grapes from the left, but was and remains a concerted effort on its part to change the fundamental fairness of making sure every vote counts, not just for big city folks.

The cause celebré nowadays is using that very same buzz phrase to “make every vote count” yet the left is happy to ignore the needs, voices, concerns and votes from the same country citizens who feed America.

Many of our major cities have become cesspools where every rat has the right to demand free cheese. Those who actually make the cheese seem to have no rights at all.

Keep the Electoral College in your hearts and prayers, for without it, the chaos of anarchy as practiced recently in Portland and Seattle, will become the nationwide norm and the far left will dominate our country until we are all wearing the chains of the handout, not the freedom of entrepreneurial respect as envisioned 244 years ago.

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