The Swamp wins again

President Trump disappointed most of the people that voted for him last week when he failed to veto the Omnibus Spending Bill brought to him courtesy of our spendthrift Congress.
It seems the Republicans are bent on self-destruction to the delight of the Democrats who are willing to bankrupt the country for an opportunity to impeach Donald Trump.
At this point it appears that both parties are willing to sacrifice anything to protect their power and influence.
The bill was discussed by “party leadership.” Who then dumped a 2,200 page bill on the Congress overnight. It seems old tricks diehard. Don’t give them a chance to read it just demand they approve it to avoid a government shut down.
Well the Republicans, and especially the Republican leadership, continue to show they are tone deaf to the voice of the people.
Trump was right. This is a horrible bill. The only good thing is the increased funding for the military but the cost of getting that increased funding is too high.
Trump has failed at his first confrontation with brinkmanship legislation. He should have vetoed the bill. Shut down the government and forced the Congress to override his veto or amend the bill. He didn’t.
The result was the talk shows were overrun by angry voters who swore they would never vote for Trump again.
I understand their anger but turning against Trump is a victory for the establishment. The politicians that need to be defeated are the party leadership – Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and our own Cathy McMorris-Rodgers. It is no surprise that our two liberal Senators, Cantwell and Murray voted to load more debt onto our grandchildren, but McMorris-Rogers vote in support was.
Trump needs to hear from all of his supporters that he made a major mistake by not vetoing this bill. But hoping to drain the swamp by voting in more alligators is not the way to solve the problem.
Quite frankly listening to the angry “conservatives” calling in to tell everyone they were done supporting Trump, sounded more than a little disingenuous. I am sure many of those encouraging Republicans to stay home during the next election were not really Trump supporters. They were simply doing what the left does best. They were trying to utilize conservative anger to steal the next election. Do not be fooled by these activist manipulators who will use any dirty trick to advance their agenda.
Winning the war to take back America will require more than one election, more than one President. We must work hard to root out the Republicans who have proven they are not conservative and we must campaign hard against any liberal replacements.
Expect the politics of personal destruction to heat up as the left and the media digs up any dirt they can find on a conservative candidate while ignoring the dirty laundry in their own basket.
We need to be clear headed and single focused if we are going to look past the skirmishes we lost and energize the American people to stay the course we have begun by electing an outsider to be President.
So let us start by putting together a list of Republican representatives who did not vote to repeal Obamacare; Republicans who voted to fund Planned Parent Hood; Republicans who voted in favor of the Omnibus spending bill. These must be our targets for replacement.
Many of these individuals are not in our home state but we must find ways to actively support their replacement with more conservative representation not with another spend thrift liberal Democrat.
Finally, we must bury the Whitehouse and our own Congressional representatives with letters of protest over this latest travesty. What is done can always be undone. Let us call for a repeal of this travesty and demand that they cut the pork out of this bill and that all members of the Congress be required to read it before it is signed into law.

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