Hate can cause you to despise people for the color of their skin.
Today most of us see racism as the biggest social problem in history. The quickest way to end any discussion is to call someone a racist. 
Hate can cause you to dismiss people based on their religious beliefs.
Wars have been fought and people have been executed because of what they believe. Even those who profess a common understanding of faith often dismiss those who see its tenets differently. There is rarely any attempt to reconcile those issues.
Hate can cause us to despise people who are wealthy
Many people today believe rich people had to steal or cheat to become wealthy. They ignore the fact that most successful people were creative, lucky or possessed a special talent. Many great singers and actors of our time are creative and talented but many are not very intelligent. 
Hate can cause you to despise and mistrust the opposite sex.
Need I say more?
The problem is that hate can cause us to dismiss people because they are different. It is an ugly part of our nature. Very few people are racists, sexists or homophobic in our society today, but too often we all make decisions about them based on those acerbic descriptions.
We are faced with a decision in the next week that will likely change our country for decades to come. Decisions that have caused other people in other countries and other times to have their lives plunged into darkness and despair.
We have a President who is quarrelsome, confrontational, and yes, even arrogant. 
We have a challenger who will not answer specific questions, who bases his campaign on besmirching the character and record of his opponent. 
Joe Biden ostensibly represents the party of the working man. A once proud party that today stands together with groups and activists who would tear our country down. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and most Climate Activist groups want you to believe that our country is “fundamentally flawed.” These groups do not represent the interests of the working man or woman. They would destroy many of the good paying jobs that currently provide hard working Americans with gainful employment. 
Biden promises he will replace their jobs with new higher paid, green energy jobs that will make the world a better place by 2035 – long after he would be out of office.
Biden said oil pollutes and he would replace it with green energy jobs. Wind and solar cannot begin to provide the energy needed to power our economy. The batteries that now power electric cars are toxic. As usual the dreamers have not thought the entire issue through. They have no plan to dispose of those batteries when they have exhausted their usefulness.
The horrible forest fires that have ravaged the west are blamed on climate change. The problem is the fires are primarily the result of misguided green policies that have left our forests overgrown with dead and diseased trees and brush. Healthy trees scrub the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen for us humans to breath. Let it burn policies demanded by many climate activists have exacerbated the current problem.
Despite 3 years of resisting President Trump’s policies with lies and contrived conspiracies regarding foreign influence, Trump has made significant progress in reviving a moribund American economy. He has made incredible progress in building new alliances in the Middle East that promise more peace in a corner of the world torn by strife. He has gotten America’s allies in Europe to pony up for the cost of the American military’s defense of their homelands. He has eliminated thousands of Federal regulations, strengthened border security and provided funding to minority colleges. All with little help from the opposition party. He continues to expose the corruption and bureaucratic abuse from our Federal agencies. His policies created the lowest unemployment rates in our history for minorities.
With all of their attempts to unseat him through impeachment finally defeated. The only issue they have left to blame him for is mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hypocrisy is incredible. This is a disease that the medical experts have no real idea about what caused it, how it is spread, or how to treat it. Early predictions said there would be over two million dead. It has been devastating to over 200,000 but that is far from the early projections. 
All Biden can promise to do is to install a national mask mandate. He says because of Trumps inept handling of the pandemic, we are about to enter a dark winter with little hope that a vaccine will be available before the middle of next year.
President Trump on the other hand continues to be derided for his attempts to encourage Americans to be hopeful and works to reopen the economy.
If you are on the fence about this election, do not let the panderers of hate dissuade you from supporting the only candidate who has delivered on his campaign promises. Trump might offend your sense of decorum but give him a chance to continue to drain the swamp. Otherwise the Washington alligators will move back in and the Constitution that built this great country will be shredded.


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