Minority candidates running for governor

This year’s primary election includes a record number of candidates vying for governor. Thirty-six people registered with the Secretary of State.

Two weeks ago we reviewed the 4 Democrats looking to unseat Jay Inslee. Last week we reviewed 15 Republicans and this week we will review the 16 minority candidates. None of these candidates have any chance of getting elected. We offer them here for those voters who wish to vote in opposition to the major party candidates.

Alex Tsimerman - Prefers StandupAmerica Party

Tsimerman’s Statement: Standup! America First! Live Free or Die! Stop Seattle/King Fascism with idiotic face. A One party system is always Fascism. They are all war criminals! Vote for Trump and Alex Tsimerman to bring Washington and America back to common sense of, by and for the people.

Ryan Ryals - Prefers Unaffiliated Party

Ryals Statement: The next governor is facing a multibillion-dollar budget shortfall, widespread unemployment, a virus that will be with us for a while, plus lingering resentment over the shutdown. I am running for governor to be your servant; to be the manager you hire to work on its greatest financial challenge. I am running to introduce creativity, efficient design, transparency, and diplomacy to state government. As a business owner, my entire job is making sure our customers and employees are served well. With your vote, your next governor will have that same obsession for serving you.

Henry Clay Dennison - Prefers Socialist Workers Party

Dennison’s Statement: Workers and farmers face the long-term economic, social, and moral crisis of capitalism. The response to the coronavirus only exposed and accelerated this crisis. Workers need a party that speaks in our interests—a labor party. We need to take political power from the bosses’ class and establish a government of workers and farmers! Join the Socialist Workers Party 2020 campaign! Read and subscribe to our campaign newspaper, the Militant at www.themilitant.com

Liz Hallock - Prefers Green Party

Hallock’s Statement: Our economy and society has forever changed. For better or worse, it is likely there will be no going back. We owe a debt to our essential workers, who put their lives at risk every day, to provide them with childcare and tuition-free college or trade school. Our farmworkers deserve strong workplace protections. Our health care professionals deserve a reporting infrastructure that takes their demands and whistleblower complaints seriously. Finally, Amazon’s practices have been anti-competitive and predatory. We need to transform Amazon into a public utility owned by the people.

Winston Wilkes - Prefers Propertarianist Party

Wilkes’ Statement: No new taxes. Third party audits on all taxes to find waste or misuse. Better health care for all. Equality of opportunity for all. Term limits. All these policies I am in favor of, but they are just talking points. We expect politicians to lie and cheat. We also expect them to make millions of dollars through corrupt means while in office, and we just accept it. Holding government accountable is something no one in politics will do and I am sick of it. Together with the people we will implement new bills to punish corruption and enact Title 18 Section 241 and 242 of the United States Code to remove the rot in government. Bringing back trust in the government is my goal, and instilling fear of the people into the government is my purpose.

Brian R. Weed - States No Party Preference

Weed’s Statement: As a Western Washington raised, Eastern Washington resident, I aim to bridge the gap between compassion, conservatism, and continuity to the betterment of all Washingtonians. I believe we need efforts to better balance the needs of each area in the State and to minimize the impact of the Urban effects onto the Rural Areas.

Thor Amundson - Prefers Independent Party

Amundson’s Statement: I believe that without a little more opportunity for the next generation, we cannot have a healthy civilization. If corporations move to other countries, they should follow the same rules and labor practices as in the USA. Stop shipping logs, jobs, and clean air overseas. Turn off reactor at Hanford; stop making the mess. Nationwide public internet access for everyone and net neutrality. Ban the use of certain weed killers on federally funded sites. Overturn Citizen’s United.

William (Bill) Miller - Prefers American Patriot Party

Miller’s Statement: The vote of the American people is sacred and will not be dismissed. Voters rights will always hold true and fair. I will give one half of my pay to the science of COVID-19 or similar transmitted diseases. I am not a career politician, but will do the best of my ability, so help me God. I will try to do what is right, because it takes twice as much energy to correct a wrong.

Dylan B. Nails - Prefers Independent Party

Nails Statement: When elected, Dylan is in favor of encouraging increases for Teacher Salaries, increase funding for State Parks and conservation, Debt Relief program for students of Washington, promoting more representation of young people in politics, and being a voice for Washington State, as much the East as the West. While Dylan is young and may be lacking some of the elected experience his opponents may have, he brings as fresh, new outlook and perspective for Washington State.

Cameron M. Vessey - No Party Preference

Vessey’s Statement: I believe Many have shown their true colors and are using this time of crisis as justifications to Grab power and justify authoritarianism and chip away at the foundations of our country. Not money, not slavery, not fear, not greed or power. That Every Citizen has the right To Freedom! The colonies did not rebel Because the Time was ripe, the moment opportune! What Great things could possibly come from such virtues less tactics? We Stood up against an ever-increasing Tyrannical King and decided the time of being ruled by other’s was an inequity we would no longer justify.

David W. Blomstrom - Prefers Fifth Republic Party

Blomstrom’s Statement: I’m not afraid to tackle the toughest issues, from sex trafficking to telling Bill Gates to shut up and pay his fair share of taxes. As a former teacher with the corrupt Seattle School District, education reform has always been one of my top issues. As a former wildlife biologist in Alaska, I recognize environmental protection as the most important issue of all. Please ignore the Seattle Times and other sleazy media and their endorsements! If voters can’t think for themselves, what hope is there?

Craig Campbell - No Party Preference

Has not provided a statement regarding his position. An Internet search provided no verifiable information regarding his candidacy

Cregan M. Newhouse - No Party Preference

Newhouse’s Statement: The State of Washington is incomparable. Her diversity, geography and economy would power a strong independent nation. The upcoming term demands one of the hardest working governors in history, to halt in-fighting and guide our state to a swift, safe recovery. This election must be about independence. Republicans and Democrats are good people, though the current party leadership promotes divisiveness and distrust. I would be honored to be your Governor and will promote respect for all Washingtonians.

Elaina J. Gonzalez - Prefers Independent Party

Gonzalez’s Statement:  Returning the servant heart back into public office is the dominating theme of my campaign.

David Voltz - Prefers Cascadia Labour Party

Voltz Statement: David is an ubres and lifts driver who saw his income literally die over night when Jay Sleezee Shutdown the state. It is why running for Washington State Governor as the Cascadia Labour Party. Because Jay Sleezee has to go. He has increased taxes on everyone. Shut down construction on Spokane north motorways and killed the economy. Increased unemployment in this state to double digits. He also supported Crooked Hillary in 2016. David asks for your vote please check out David’s Facebook page @Davidforgouvenourofwashingtonstate

Joshua Wolf - Prefers New-Liberty Party

Wolf’s Statement: Unity, Prosperity, Honor these are the things I want to bring to Washington. They are the hallmarks of a stable, reliable government and a functioning society. These three things will bring Washington into a new golden age. With them, we can create “a city on the hill” to the rest of our nation!

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