Honoring those who served World World I

Submitted by Don Webb I actually have two pictures of my mothers side of the family. One of the pictures, the one with the soldier in uniform (above) with the small boy was my Uncle Noble Tolerton. He served in France during WWI. He was a Sargent in the 364th Infantry of the 91st Division.

The second picture (right) was of my Grandfather C. E. Tolerton who was in the “Home Guard” in that same time frame. He never went overseas though.

Submitted by
John E Wagner, Jr.

My Grandfather, John Theodore Wagner, was a Pharmacist Mate in the United States Navy. In 1917-1919 he served in a US Military Hospital in a village in the Highlands of Scotland. There, he met and married my Grandmother Mary Mackenzie. After the war they moved to Wenatchee with a new son, my Father, John Earl Wagner.

John Theodore Wagner passed in Wenatchee in 1939. John Earl Wagner, a WWII Marine passed in 1982. My Great Uncle, Harry Benjamin Wagner, WWÎ, lived in Wenatchee and served in the U.S. Army 1917-1918.
All are buried in the Wenatchee Cemetery.
We Thank Them For Their Service.

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