Shopping at local markets helps our Habitat for Humanity

Editors Note: The Chelan Habitat store is closed due to the COVID19 virus. Volunteer Bruce Willett is building a drop-off box outside the building that can be used to put your receipts in. When that is finished we will post that info. 

Lake Chelan Valley Habitat for Humanity is extremely pleased to report quarterly receipt amounts as of Feb. 24, 2020 from Manson’ Red Apple and Chelan’s IGA stores 1% Donation Program. Manson’s grocery store receipts totaled $18,943; Chelan’s were $6,524. One percent of those totals go to Habitat.
 Chelan’s IGA owners Tony and Trish Race of Chelan, and Manson’s Red Apple Market owners Eric and Marietta Jacobsen of Manson’s store donate 1% or more of each receipt to Lake Chelan Valley Habitat for Humanity.
 Karen Feek, a loyal Habitat volunteer of many years, collects receipts from the large “Apple Jar” at Habitat’s Thrift Store located at 518 E. Woodin Ave. in uptown Chelan. It takes many hours for her to total donated receipts in increments of $1,000. She then turns them back into each store. The storeowners then send our local Habitat a check for 1% (or more) of the total receipts.
 Since March of 2007, Habitat has collected $7,491 in the 1% program from these generous store owners. All you have to do is donate your receipts to help working families buy a home.
 Habitat and its Partner Families have built 18 homes so far.  Thank you for helping Habitat through such a simple act of thoughtfulness.
Gaylen Willett
Lake Chelan
Valley Habitat’s
1% Coordinator


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