Tee Time for June 4

CHELAN - It was a fabulous day of golf for the Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club. Not to get too technical, but a large part of being able to golf during the Pandemic was bouncing your ball against the side of a cup raised out of the hole. We think it’s so everyone’s hands did not reach into the cup. It made sense; sort of.   We are happy to report that we are now allowed to putt the ball into the hole. It’s the little things that get us back to semi-normal that we appreciate. In the whole scheme of things, we were just happy to be allowed on the course.
This week’s competition was Monthly Medal which is low gross and net by division and fewest putts. This week’s winners out of the 16 players are:
Division 1:  Low Gross, First place, April Talley, 91. Second place was a tie between Barb Rayburn and Jan Artim, 97.
Low Net, First place, Carol Ferguson, 75. Second place, Kari Burrows, 83.
Fewest Putts, Carol Ferguson, 31.
Division 2:  Low Gross, First place, Sherry Ochsner, 101. Second place, Nancy Judson, 111. Low Net, First place, Judy Johanson, 77. Second place, Karen Holst, 87.
Fewest Putts, Nancy Judson, 32.       
Division 3:  Low Gross, First place, Karen Erickson, 110. Low Net, First place, Bernie Rayner, 79.
Fewest Putts, Karen Erickson, 36.
This week’s competition (June 11) is “Eci 9” (pick your best 9 holes out of 18 less 1/2 your handicap).
Now that putting the ball into the cup is allowed, we will start the chip-in pot again. Remember to bring your dollar bills. Our tee time is 8:30 a.m. so please check in by 8 a.m..
Meanwhile, the final round of the Apple Blossom Tourney will be taking place this Thursday. It will be a shoot-out between Judy Johanson and Karen Erickson. Tune in for the winner next week.


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