Reclamation is one step closer to transfer federal water facilities to Washington irrigation district

Transfer includes Howard Flats Unit

CHELAN – The Bureau of Reclamation is closer to transferring title of some of its federal water facilities to the Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District, following a 90-day Congressional review that was completed on Nov. 3, 2021. The district is located in central Washington along the Columbia River Valley, and once agreements have been signed, this transfer will be the first of its kind in the State of Washington executed under the John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management and Recreation Act (P.L. 116-9). The Act expedites the title transfer process for eligible projects, such as dams, canals, and other water-related facilities.

“There is significant behind the scenes staff work invested by Reclamation and the Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District to achieve this major milestone,” said Marc Maynard, Ephrata Field Office manager. “I can’t thank everyone enough for the hard work and collaborative spirit, which was critical to completing this title transfer,” added Maynard.
The district comprises three separate units: East Unit; Brays Landing Unit; and Howard Flat Unit. The East Unit is located east of the Columbia River within Douglas County in the city of East Wenatchee. The Brays Landing Unit also is located in Douglas County. The Howard Flats Unit is located within Chelan County, west of the Columbia River.
The title transfer covers all federally owned facilities within the water conveyance and distribution system and includes approximately 82 acres of land necessary for the district to permanently provide irrigation water to its patrons. The transfer includes all improvements and appurtenances to the federally owned facilities and lands, including but not limited to buildings, pumps, diversions, control structures, fixture, improvements, drains, laterals, pipelines, waste ways, wells, ponds, and roads.
Construction of the GWID was authorized May 5, 1958. The United States holds title to irrigation facilities serving district water users and other lands and rights supporting operations. On Jan. 1, 1972, operations and maintenance responsibilities were transferred to the district, and most of the relevant project construction costs, in accordance with its existing construction contract, have been repaid.
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