Classes at Lake Chelan Schools Resume Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Adds “Test to Stay Program” approved by Chelan Douglas Health District

Dear Parents and Families –

I trust that all of you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season in spite of our recent cold temperatures. We are looking forward to welcoming all students back to in-person learning which will resume this coming Tuesday, January 4th.

Despite concerns regarding the Omicron variant, we believe our schools are safe and that we are well prepared for the return of all our students based on the mitigation strategies currently in place.  Recently, we have added a  “Test to Stay Program” approved by Chelan Douglas Health District.  This program will allow students who have been exposed to the virus at school to remain in class through regular in-school testing. I want you to know that we are well organized and prepared to respond to the changing context and needs of our students, staff and families.

In-person learning is in the best interests of our students and we will continue to provide all students with the opportunity to learn in-person, full time, unless public health officials determine otherwise. Parents are encouraged to sign up to receive important updates via email on the main page of the District Website.    We look forward to seeing all students this coming Tuesday!

More than ever, we are committed to keeping our schools open for in-person learning, and we need your help in this endeavor.  Please keep sick children home and inform the school secretary or nurse of their symptoms by calling the school directly or leaving a detailed message for the nurse or secretary.

I wish you all the very best in 2022!


Barry DePaoli



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