Teacher Grant program announced

Courtesy American Legion Post #108 Left to right: Norm Manly of American Legion Post #108, Adelina Grageda, Parent Support/Post-Secondary Coordinator; Yvonne Walker, Manson School DIstrict Superintendent and Dana Starkweather of American Legion Post #108.
In the last quarter of 2020 the Manson American Legion, Post 108 initiated exploration of possible ways they could assist Manson School District teachers and students during the difficult times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Helping “Youth & Children” is one of the four pillars the American Legion was founded upon in 1919, so this was a perfect fit.
From their research the “Teacher Grant” program was developed and will be implemented January 2021. The program offers four grants of $250 each, which a teacher can use for anything outside the school’s budget, to help students flourish and succeed.
Teachers need to complete a simple one-page grant application form along with a written statement, 250 words or less, describing how the funding will help their students and approximately how many students will benefit. Grant applications will be reviewed by the American Legion Grant Application Committee, their decision is final.
Recently, Dana Starkweather and Norm Manly, members of Post 108 presented a check for $1,000 to Yvonne Walker, Manson School District Superintendent and Adelina Grageda, Parent Support/Post-Secondary Coordinator for Manson Schools. Monies will be managed and distributed by the Manson School District.
Teacher will have until Jan. 29, to apply. Winner will be announced on Feb. 8.


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