Washington Apple Education Foundation Scholarships

WENATCHEE - The Washington Apple Education Foundation will award $1 million in scholarships to students raised in tree fruit industry communities in the spring of 2019.  Recipients of these awards are pursuing two- and four-year college/university degrees and technical degrees at accredited vocational/technical colleges.  Awards are open to graduating seniors and current college students with direct ties to Washington's tree fruit industry.

Students raised in families with direct ties to Washington’s tree fruit industry are eligible to apply.  Ties to the industry are created through immediate family member or personal employment in an apple, cherry or pear orchard or warehouse in Washington, immediate family ownership of an apple, cherry or pear orchard or warehouse in Washington or immediate family employment in a company directly serving the apple, cherry or pear industry in Washington. 

Additionally, students with a desire to work for the tree fruit industry may also qualify.

Universal Scholarship Application - Use if you meet the criteria and are on a four-year career path or are pursuing a two-year program that does not meet the vocational/technical application criteria.

Vocational/Technical Application - Use this form if you are enrolling in a technical or vocational program compatible with work in the tree fruit industry.  Program that qualify include auto repair/mechanic, automotive technology, computer application, construction building and trades, diesel mechanic, electrical, electronics,

HVAC, industrial systems technology, information technology, instrumentation, logistics control, machine programming, machine technology, mechanized irrigation systems, network administration, project management, refrigeration, welding, or other technical agriculture related.

For assistance, contact the WAEF office at (509) 663-7713 or scholarships@waef.org.

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