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Touchscreen installations provide students and teachers new ways to interact with content


CHELAN – The Lake Chelan School District (LCSD) recently began a new installation of Touchscreens in district classrooms with the aim of enhancing student learning and visibility of instruction materials. The district began this installation during the 2022-2023 school year, with 26 Touchscreens currently installed or waiting to be. 

Over 20 LCSD classrooms are currently benefiting from this new technology, with a goal of eventually having new Touchscreens installed in as many classrooms as possible. 

These screens have been installed to replace the prior projector technology commonly used in classrooms. The lifespan of the screens vary, though the LCSD hopes to see them in use for over 10 years before needing replacement. 

These Touchscreens provide a host of benefits to students and teachers. With these additions, students are allowed opportunities to give interactive presentations and engage with content with more ease, as well as providing increased visibility of diagrams and text over that of an image projected onto a whiteboard. 

Additionally, teachers are enabled to not only write over what is displayed, but have additional opportunities to save and refer back to diagrams and notes using only one swipe.  

Touchscreens installed at Morgan Owings Elementary have been made lowerable to a height accessible for younger students.

Regarding these additions, LCSD Superintendent, Bradley Wilson, shares, “We believe we have developed a solid model for learning technology integration. We don't jump at new fads, but once devices prove to be effective we do make plans to implement starting with volunteers and growing from there. This ensures that classrooms with the new technology have users eager to try it and willing to learn. This empowers teachers to learn from each other and learn alongside their students.” 

The initial Touchscreen installations were funded from A Digital Equity grant that the LCSD was awarded last year. The district continues to utilize technology levy funds to insure continued installations.

To learn more about the new LCSD installations, one may visit:

Katie Lindert: 509-731-3211 or



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