Be prepared wildfire conditions could bring potential power outages

Air Quality / Masking, change Air Filters during fire season

By Chelan County PUD
It’s always smart to plan ahead. Our region’s wildfires make our
electrical system more prone to power outages. Our systems are
designed with backup for greater reliability. Wildfires limit our
access to some of these backup systems. So it’s even more important
now that we’re all prepared.
Talk with your family, make a plan and remember, if the lights go out:
• Call Chelan PUD 24/7 at 877-783-8123 • Stay away from damaged or fallen power lines and call 911 to report them • Treat all fallen lines as “live” • Turn off or unplug appliances and electronics • Leave on one light that crews can see from the road • If using a portable generator, make sure the devices being powered are plugged directly into the generator For more information, visit, or call our Customer Service at 509-663-8121
Air Quality / Masking
On Monday, Sept. 14 6 a.m., the air quality in Chelan was 514 on a scale that maxes out at 500. This is one level above hazardous smoke levels.This level of smoke is extremely hazardous. Even short durations in this smoke may lead to long term health effects. People with pre-existing conditions, especially respiratory, may be greatly affected. If you need to go outdoors for any amount of time, you should be wearing an N-95 or better mask. Cloth and surgical type masks used for Covid-19 are not adequate for filtering out smoke particles. Fine smoke particles can cause micro cuts in your throat and lungs that can lead to sore throat and lungs inflammation. Longer exposure can lead to scarring of the lungs. It is recommended to limit your unprotected time out of doors to 5 minutes or less during these kinds of smoke level conditions. If outdoors and you start to notice a sore throat, get to an area of filtered air. Sore throat is an indication that damage to lungs may be occurring. For current air quality conditions go to
Air Filters during fire season
With poor air quality in the Lake Chelan Valley, it is important to check on the condition of your air filters both in your home and car.
Having a clean air filter in your car can helps combat poor air quality when you travel. Not only does the filter protect you from poor air coming in but it also protects your vehicle too.
Your home’s air conditioning is just as important. It helps filter out the air in your home, especially on days where there is poor air quality. Experts say you should change those filters regularly to get the best results and during fire season even consider running the fan on the unit.

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