Heritage Heights holds the line - no new COVID-19 cases

CHELAN - For the second week in a row, Heritage Heights has discovered no new cases of COVID-19.  Caution is being exercised and all previously negative individuals are retested each week.  This vigilance will continue until Jan. 19, at which point Chelan Douglas Health Department (CDHD) will release Heritage Heights from its classification of "outbreak status."  Heritage Heights, however, plans to continue the weekly testing procedure until the first dose of the vaccine is administered by Walgreens on Jan. 25.

The test kits are supplied by CDHD at no charge.  Both a Rapid Response version and a PCR version have been provided.  With the Rapid Response test, results are available within 15 minutes at the Point of Care where the test is done.  The PCR test, which more reliable, is sent to an out-of-state lab and results are available 24-72 hours after the sample is received by the lab.  Testing has been instrumental in effectively identifying cases to isolate the infection and apply personal protective equipment effectively.  Lack of a fever has not always been a good indicator of whether the virus is present.  Accurate identification has been critical to get a handle on active cases.

All precautions are still being taken to keep the residents safe including no communal dining, no indoor or outdoor visitation, social distancing, and the use of all appropriate personal protective equipment.  Once the outbreak status has been cleared, Heritage

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