Lake Chelan School District 2020 levy forum ranks priorities

CHELAN - Lake Chelan School District Superintendent Barry DePaoli explained the 2020 "Levy Priority Funding" budget suggestions placed at everyone's table Wednesday, Nov., 20 during a feedback forum attended predominantly by fellow educators and staff members from various schools within the district.

The choices were as follows, in the order as they were on the actual "voting" document: Student Support Services, Student Safety, Academic Programs, Classroom Supports, Enrichment Programs and Maintenance and Operations.

Each of the categories had subheaders beneath that further explained the meaning of the category.

Under Student Support Services were these choices: Nurses, Liaisons, counselor and Administrative Support Staff. Student Safety listed School Resource Officer as the only choice. Academic Programs had five choices: Early Learning, CSI, Career and technology Education/STEM Learning, Highly Capable Program and College in the High School.

The Classroom Supports category listed Professional Development for Teachers, Curriculum Adoption and Materials, Reduced Class Sizes and Library Resources.

Enrichment Programs included: Music/Drama, Afters, Athletics/Activities/Clubs and Field Trips (San Juans/Holden/Classroom.

Each of the 25 or so attendees made their choices, numbering their priorities in order and then consulted with those at their tables to reach a consensus. Once a consensus was reached, one person from each group placed the choices, in order of priority, on the master board at the front of the room.

Once the data is analyzed it will be presented to a future regular meeting of the   school board.

Local real estate professional Guy Evans was on hand and he volunteered to spearhead the efforts at getting the main levy priorities onto the 2020 Levy referendum for the district voters and having it approved.

As an added choice to those not satisfied with the provided priority choices, each participant was able to write more ideas on sticky notes and apply them to the same master board for future consideration.

Behavioral specialist, full time school resource officer, bilingual education K-12, and social emotional support program were some of the suggestions posted.

LCSD Board members Jeff Fehr and Jim Colbert were also in attendance.

Be sure to follow future stories in the Lake Chelan Mirror once the forum results have been tabulated and the general public has a chance to make comments on the contents of the proposed levy.

The LCSD  Board meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month so the meeting scheduled Tuesday, Nov., 26 will be reported on in the Dec. 4 edition of the LCM and at

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