Three local organizations partner together to support youth

Courtesy Thrive Chelan Valley Robin Weathersby (right) from The Barn Fitness Center works with a student.
If you are interested in participating in this program email
Students can also reach out to: Only 7 Seconds, The Barn Fitness Center, as well as any of the trainers: Hailee Huddleston, Mario Gonzalez, Matt Smith, Teagan Byquist, and Joselin.
CHELAN - Three local organizations (The Barn Fitness Center, Only7Seconds, and  Thrive Chelan Valley) are partnering together to support youth in a dynamic way by offering a 10-week fitness program to Chelan and Manson middle school students. 
The goal with this pilot program is to provide an opportunity to instill healthy habits at a young age to promote mental health, as well as physical health. Regular exercise has been directly linked to positively impacting a child’s mental health, combatting depression and anxiety, along with improving mood, academic ability, and self-regulation. 
“We are seeing an unprecedented number of young people experiencing clinical levels of anxiety and depression. Many of our young people are facing unfathomable stressors yet have few healthy coping strategies to deploy,” states Thrive’s 
Executive Director, Kayla Helleson. “Giving an opportunity for youth to connect with safe people and positive programming  is absolutely essential right now. Our youth need time and space to process what they’re going through and access to healthy outlets for their emotions. This collaborative program provides both.” 
Each partner group brings unique strengths to the table which will benefit the 20 teens participating in the program. The Barn, with specialized coaching support from Robin Weathersby, offers an immense amount of expertise around spring, jump, bodyweight and weight training and how these essential movement qualities can foster healthy physical development as well as set the foundation for future athletic opportunities. Only7Seconds brings adeptness around how to combat the loneliness and isolation our teens have been navigating over the past year due to the pandemic. And Thrive Chelan Valley provides decades of knowledge regarding best practice on youth programming which helps build resilience while providing opportunities for overcoming barriers. 
“This effort came together because a local student, Hailee Huddleston, saw a growing need. All of a sudden, the right people were in the right place at the right time,” says Erin McCardle, Co-Owner of The Barn. “It’s amazing what can happen when you bring together passionate people who are all focused on making sure the youth of our valley are healthy physically and mentally. We are very fortunate to be able to work with these amazing organizations to help the kids in our community, who seem to be carrying the heaviest burden coming out of these pandemic restrictions.” 
Many of the participants in this pilot program are Thrive mentees and the partners will utilize these connections to ensure that youth have access to positive support during and beyond this 10-week program. Currently, all 20 spots for this program are filled. However, The Barn, Only7Seconds, and Thrive hope to be able to offer this type of program again in the future for interested youth. 
The Barn Fitness Center 
The Barn Fitness Center, located in between Chelan and Manson, is a community of people who love to move, play and learn. Our coaches are ready to support you where you’re at and make sure you’re having fun along the way. To learn more, visit The Barn’s website at
Only7Seconds is a mindset movement that challenges individuals to use their abilities to intentionally fight against  isolation and loneliness. To learn more, visit O7S’s website at
Thrive Chelan Valley 
Thrive Chelan Valley is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that utilizes three programs (Cares, Mentoring and Teen Center) to empower, serve, and advocate for the needs of Lake Chelan Valley youth. To learn more about Thrive, visit their website at


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